Tales of demons and gods cultivation

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Tales of demons and gods cultivation

Darkwater Netherbird and the Blackfog Earthdragon were scared out of their wits. They instantly realized that with the opening of the barrier recently, powerful existences must have passed through it! They had seen the power of the Draconic Ruins Realm before. It was not something they could resist! He originally thought that he would never see her again. All of you are finally back. Fortunately, they had arrived in a timely fashion. Otherwise, Glory City would have already been reduced to ruins.

Upon realizing that Glory City was being attacked by a demon beast horde, Du Ze, Lu Piao, and company could no longer suppress the anger in their hearts. They transformed into streams of light and constantly slaughtered all the demon beasts. Countless demon beasts were destroyed. Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird tried to escape, but the auras of the likes of Du Ze and Lu Piao completely suppressed them, leaving them motionless.

I still have some use for them. His figure flew past Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird. However, merely sweeping past them was enough for his body to produce a forceful gust of wind. Nie Li looked at Ye Mo and smiled. Grandpa Ye Mo, are you alright?

tales of demons and gods cultivation

He saw his parents among the crowd, and his eyes reddened slightly. Nie Li was destined to have a promising life ahead, but all she could do was quietly look at him in a corner and give him her blessings. You will definitely have eternal youth.

The fragrance inundated him as Nie Li took a step back. Have you already reached the Legend rank? These relatives were still alive. Nie Li looked far into the distance and saw that people like Du Ze and Lu Piao were surrounded by their clansmen as they were bombarded with questions. Seeing the group of people in a harmonious mood, Nie Li had the urge to yell. He looked up into the distance where Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird were.

A cold glint flashed across his eyes.Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Tales of Demons and Gods tells the epic tale of Nie Li—a human who mysteriously claims a second chance in life. After his death at the hands of the Sage Emperor, he wakes up as his year-old self. This time, he is going to start from scratch, armed only with invaluable knowledge from his previous life experiences, and protect everything that is dear to him. Well, this is the right place. The Story: This is the story of the opposing forces of fortune and misfortune. She has everything in life: wealth, health, talent, luck, you name it!

It all comes at the expense of others though. The major difference? The gender of the main characters! Truthfully, both are actually polar opposites. The same things are going on but on a different level of seriousness and significance.

In his previous life, he committed an unforgivable crime. He was reborn in Douluo Dalu—the battle continent and the soul land where mystical soul battles take center stage. The Similarity: Reincarnating seems to be a thing in manga now. And Douluo Dalu is no exception! Yeah, I know the characters do have an edge in terms of having memories of the past, but still, they have to start from zero! The Story: Rou is a former human.

With one thing leading to another, he reincarnates into one of the weakest races in the world—goblins! He is now a goblin, and he has to live with it. The Similarity: Speaking of reincarnations, Re:Monster is one heck of a manga that should never be brushed off. I mean, from being a human, the main character turned into a goblin—the weakest racial entity there is!

Seems like a challenge for the main character. But well, the main character is the main character, so he must persist until he stands atop everything.Manhua Chapter 1. Manhua Chapter Donghua Episode 1. Donghua Episode Manhua Chapter p. On the edge of death he ran into the six ancient masters and attempted to steal their soul essences to treat his wounds, however they fought back and in the end were able to defeat him. Before he died, he tore the Temporal Demon Spirit Book to shreds.

Most of the pages streaked across the sky and disappeared, however eight remained in their hands, which were divided amongst themselves. Nie Li suspects that it was the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that allowed him to be reborn back in time as his thirteen year old self.

When he awoke the book was no longer with him. When he begins to cultivate his soul forceNie Li discovers a mysterious "something" hiding within his soul realm.

He does not know what it is, but does know that it wasn't there is the previous life. Because of this, he believes that it could be connected to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. This is an ability that should only belong to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

The seal hides its aura from the Sage Emperor. Though it is risky, she plans to use the Godslayer artifactthe Myriad Ancestor Swordto break open the seal and reveal the books location. There are eight pages that were missing from the book in Nie Li's previous life.

These remnant pages have the ability to nourish his soul realm just as the Temporal Demon Spirit Book did. This is very similar to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book's ability in his previous life. The Temporal Demon Spirit Book has powerful inscription patterns engraved in it. By pouring ones soul force into the book, if their soul force is strong enough to resonate with a pattern, they can activate these separate abilities.

He was never able to find the missing pages, and because it was incomplete, Nie Li was never able to understand the writings contained within it. During his past life Nie Li discovered the book's time related powers, allowing him to stayed inside the stationary space-time realm within the it for hundreds of years, training and reading millions of books. This is one of the reasons his knowledge of inscription patternsalchemyand cultivation methods is so vast. After being reborn he discovered that this was because the space inside the book was not structured into the Power of Law.

Since Nie Li always kept the book with him, when he was fighting with the Sage Emperor his blood covered the book. Most likely this is what triggered his rebirth in as his past self.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. The aura around the coffin it was sealed in kept others away, but because of the "something" in his soul realm he was able to approach it. Passed down from ancient times to the patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family.

tales of demons and gods cultivation

In the possession of the Sage Emperor who used it to create the space-time seal.Lu Piao was at the peak Dao of Dragon Realm after all. Just a sliver of his aura was enough to make Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird piss themselves. Does your patriarch come from the Dragon Ruins Realm? What realm is he at?

Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird exchanged looks. To them, those at the Heavenly Fate realm were already extremely powerful—an existence they had no way of matching. Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird shook their heads. In their eyes, the Heavenly Fate realm was already an indomitable existence. Even higher are Martial Ancestor Realm experts. We are already at the Dao of Dragon realm, so watch me pull over your so-called Heavenly Axis realm Patriarch! Patriarch Scarlet Python was waiting for Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird to finish off Glory City so that he could return and be done with his mission.

However, he never expected a terrifying aura to suddenly lock onto him. Patriarch Scarlet Python knew that he was in trouble as he hurriedly tried to escape, but immediately, two auras bound him tightly and hoisted him up.

With a swoosh, he flew in the direction of Glory City. At this moment, he felt like a piece of fish on a chopping board, unable to put up any resistance. Lu Piao looked at Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird and asked, This little worm is the patriarch you mentioned? In their eyes, Patriarch Scarlet Python was an invincible existence; yet, he had been instantly brought to them. It was a horrifying matter to them. After some thought, Nie Li produced two streams of divine intent with his right hand.

With two swooshes, they struck the bodies of Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird and drilled inside.Manhua Chapter Donghua Episode One of the three cultivation techniques suitable for attributeless soul realm that Nie Li considers for himself. It is said to have the highest potential of the three. Nie Li chooses to study this one, even though it is one of the slowest and hardest to practice.

The reason being that If one succeeds in practicing it, they would be able to learn cultivation techniques from all the attributes.

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They would also be able to take on seven different demon spiritseach with a different attribute, where as most others can only hold one. One of the benefits of his cultivation technique is its efficiency. When absorbing a Soul Assembling Pillan ordinary person is only able to absorb a tenth of it at most.

After reaching Legend rank and traveling to the Draconic Ruins Realm the true strength of the Heavenly God Technique started to show itself. One of the profound strengths of this cultivation technique is the way it allows one to communicate with Heaven and Earth, drastically raising ones compression of Heavenly Energy.

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The body refining method of the Heavenly God Technique uses the heart to refine the breath, then uses the breath to refine the body. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Heavenly God Technique Manhua Chapter Categories :.

tales of demons and gods cultivation

Manhua Chapter 17 Donghua Episode The Heavenly Dao way shines. Heaven shrouds but cannot contain. The Great Dao envelops but cannot dispute.

Temporal Demon Spirit Book

Know all, perhaps, perhaps not. The body of the formless comes from the depths of the heart, which is equally formless… [7].These are the ranks used to describe the strength of a cultivatorincluding demon beasts. The same ranks are used no matter the type of cultivation method, though sometimes the names are slightly different.

It can be inferred from context that the Sage Emperor that Nie Li refers to from his previous life was most likely at a currently unknown, higher rank of Cultivation. Beyond legend rank is the Heavenly Fate Realm. Previously Nie Li did not believe that humans of this world could reach the Heavenly Fate Realm, only demon beasts.

However, he later learned that one could break into this realm by cultivating a law and becoming a Spiritual God. Even if their physical body is destroyed and their Divine Spark scattered. As long as the heavens and earth still exist they would be immortal.

Past Martial Ancestorstarting with Deity ranks in this final stretch are part of a group called the "Heavenly Dao". Nie Li is stated to have been reaching near the peak of it in his second life presumably conquering it right before he reincarnaed. Furthermore, the Sage Emperor is stated to have thousands of servants, the Deity Rank Demon Beast Generals in particular, that are above the mid-level of it.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. In this world, they can not go higher unless they are able to become a Spiritual God. They can have some of the abilities found in the Heavenly Fate realm, but are extremely limited. If their soul burns, they cease to exist. Categories :.


Each level is soul force. Each level is 1, soul force. Most likely each level is 10, soul force. Most likely each level issoul force. A Demigod is a legend rank expert in the Divine Continent that has cultivated the Power of Law and reached the highest point. Spiritual Gods are only found in the Divine Continent.

Each of these stages is marked by the formation of a Fate Star within the Fate Souls. Upon reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, the physical body rots away and unites with the spirit.

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Deity [15]. Starting with this rank, one breaks through to the "Heavenly Dao" realm. Emperor [17].I do own my OC though Isn't there anything new. The young man name is Jun, a teen who just graduated from high school. He has short dark brown hair and brown eyes with a plain face that makes him look like a background character. Even his height is 5'9, the average height in the United States. He has a toned body due to working out when he was still in school because people were making fun of how 'average' he looked.

But due to staying inside all day after high school, the muscle starts to disappear and fats start to replace it. Without a goal, Jun stay home all day wasting away the money that he inherited from his deceased parents. They die in a car crash on the way to his high school graduation. He didn't even get time to celebrate his graduation before his older sister calls him and told him what happened. It shocks him greatly that the two people who he relies on the most have passed away.

The days following that, due to the loss of his parents, he stays locked up in his house. Without his parents around, there was no one to try and cheer him up or get him out of the house. Most of his friends didn't know what happened and his sister have to take care of her newborn baby so he was left alone.

He looks for entertainment or at least something to distract him from what happened on the internet. After getting bored of playing games, he went on to watch anime.

After he got tired of manga, he discovered light novels, more specifically the fantasy and reincarnation genre. He likes the idea of getting a second chance after death and living in a world where anything is possible. Now that he finished reading everything that interested him, he got nothing else to do.

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Animes are mostly just remade of manga that he read already. The interesting novels are either still updating or he finished reading them already. Even most of the new games feels like nothing more than pathetic attempts of a cash grab than actual games. I'm running out of food in the house. The novel being Tales of Demons and Gods.

Tales of Demons & Gods Season 3 Episode 10 english sub - Yao Shen Ji ep 90 Subbed

Halfway through the novel, Wuxiaworld drops it due to the slow speed in which the author writes. Half a year later, someone picked it up again on a site call Demons and Gods Translator. The translator is a fan of TDG and he wanted to finish translating the novel. The quality is not as good as when Wuxiaworld did it but it was still readable.

After finishing the last chapter, a notification pops up. A link to a survey for those who are interested. Opening the link send Jun to a website called A New Start.


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